185 MPH Canadian Death Wish Motorcycle Rider Nabbed by Cops

It’s one thing to crank on the throttle on a stretch of road where the pavement is clear and stretches out miles in front of you, and another entirely to screw it on and lanesplit at insane speeds.

Police officials in Saanich, British Columbia police have seized a blue Yamaha motorcycle they saw reaching 185+ mph in a YouTube video, and while they were at it, they clamped down hard on the bike’s owner levying more than $1,400 in fines.

They do have one other issue they’d like to address: authorities have yet to charge the driver.

In the meantime as they try to figure out a way to charge the rider, Mom’s blue 2006 Yamaha R1 sport bike is cooling down on display at Saanich police headquarters. Police spokesman, Sgt. Dean Jantzen, said police seized the bike and they believe the registered owner is the mother of the 25-year-old suspected to making the suicidal ride. He said police are able to write tickets to the registered owner – even though she was not driving the bike  –  and Mom surely not happy to be issued tickets totaling $1,449.

“The Motor Vehicle Act has sections in it that require the owner to be responsible for the conduct of the vehicle and to be responsible for the person who operates the vehicle,” Jantzen said.

To top it all off, the 25-year-old suspect has no valid driver’s license and no insurance as a result of no less than 27 driving-related convictions which include speeding and driving without insurance. According to Jantzen, the rider has had his license suspended five times. On the plus side? The driver in question only had a learner’s motorcycle permit –  which was also suspended.

The Saanich police are frustrated in their attempts to file criminal charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle against the motorcyclist, at this point, but they won’t quit trying.

“Unfortunately at this point we are unable to meet the burden [of proof] to proceed with Criminal Code charges,” Jantzen said.

According to Jantzen, there has been “limited cooperation” between investigators, Mom and the suspected rider, and he added that although the suspect was supposed to come to the station for an interview with investigators, he failed to show up for that sit-down. Police have no power to force him to give an interview. There answer to that problem, they say, is a move to seize the motorcycle permanently under B.C.’s Civil Forfeiture Act.

Witnesses who saw the incident on the Trans-Canada Highway say the video was filmed on April 6 and police forensic experts say they can prove the bike seized is the one in the video by their identification of  matching paint chips on the front panel.

Jantzen said it’s frustrating that police can’t do anything to ensure the rider doesn’t drive recklessly in another vehicle, especially as he shows no hesitation to drive without a licence. Jantzen admitted that as long as the rider is on the road, the public is at risk.

The video has been viewed more than 223,000 times…

If you’re thinking about being a “hero” and trying this yourself, do us all a favor and take it to the track.

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