The Pink Dress Babe From the T-Mobile Ads Gets A Ducati – A Pink Ducati

Speed. Get ready. It’s time to rethink everything. It’s time for fast.

It’s time to use a most excellent looking young lady renowned for her adherence to The Code of the Little Pink Dress – and a pink Ducati – to shill phone service.

“Before she was this approachable character; now we need to show the other side: She wants speed,” said T-Mobile VP for brand Peter DeLuca. ” I have to communicate as a challenger that we have 4G.”

She was approachable, but it appears that now that she’s decked out in bad-girl leather, you might get a knee to the crotch if you approach her.

I approved this message…

Yes, the T-Mobile Girl.

She’s a Canadian-born model and actress best known for appearing in a series of T-Mobile television commercials and invariably wears pink white summer dresses. Foulkes has been cast as “Retro Girl” in the upcoming FX TV series Powers and, in a rather ungentlemanly way, been the target of a Virgin Mobile ad campaign cracking on her T-Mobile employers.

Not done, Richard Branson, just not done. Bad form, I think.

Carly Foulkes
Born     August 4, 1988
Toronto, Canada
Occupation     Model, television commercial actress
Height     5 ft 9 in
Eye color     Brown
Dress size     2-4
Shoe size     8.5
Agency     Modelwerk, Sutherland Models

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