Motorcycle Street Riding the Professional Way

Street Riding Advice From Pro Rider 

1. Focus I see many people riding on the street without being fully focused. They ride through a canyon the same way, as they do their city ride from traffic light to traffic light. Change that! Especially on long rides make sure to stop every hour for at least 10 minutes, as it helps you refresh and maintain your focus.

2. Worst Case Scenario- Always expect the worst case scenarios when out on a ride, and trust nobody. Do not assume that the car driver has seen you, or that he/she is really paying attention as he/she should do. Always leave yourself plenty of space to maneuver.

3. Observe- Ask yourself if you are 100% visible in all giving situations. Get yourself out of any blind spots.

4. Dominate- Dominate your bike, do not let your bike dominate you. Do not be passive when riding a motorcycle; the better you dominate your motorcycle and road, the more options you gain for focusing.

5. Smooth- Ride the bike calm and smooth, try to ride round lines. Do not close and open up the throttle or the brake all the time, make smooth changes.

6. Braking- Practice how to use the brakes properly and exercise hard braking techniques. If you do not know what to do, consult a professional and invest some money in coaching. It’s worth it.

7. Aggressive- Stop being aggressive at line starting and allow more space for you. Do not push your luck.

8. Practice- Try to picture the whole scenario. Practice, pay attention to your sorroundings, without staring at them, avoid tunnel vision. Practice constantly and everywhere.

9. Position- Find the correct sitting position and adjust the instruments (clutch, front/rear brake, shifter, and handlebars) to an optimum reach. That’s the only way to use everything quickly if necessary.

10. Boost- Give your experience, knowledge and skill a boost in a street riding school where you can get individual attention. That investment will may save your life… the fancy rear sets won’t.

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