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The Anvil of the Gods Honda CB 750 Custom

Anvil Honda CB750 Custom

Bikes, babes and rides to destinations yet undecided.

Now that seems like a formula for good times.

The crew at Anvil Motociclette in Milan, Italy, do what a lot of us like to do – and  they do it with style. Take the old and used up, apply some wrench magic and a vision to the machine, and then do some riding with good friends.

This Anvil bike is straight up old school. Take one Honda CB 750, eschew electronically adjustable suspension, electronic clocks, ABS brakes and any other appurtenances of the modern motorcycle, and throw them in the dumpster out back. This puppy was made to ride.

The guys at Anvil took a straightforward example of a 1981 Honda CB750, modified it to the exact correct degree with a tightened up suspension, chopped off the rear fender, made a seat they liked and cranked on some clip-ons. Add some pleasing paint details and make a custom headlight set and you have yourself a tough and slick cafe racer in the way of the Wrenchmonkees.

Their current project harkens back to the days then Italian motorcycles ruled the highways – a MotoGuzzi cafe racer.

According to Anvil:

“Our aim is to shape bikes with character, with a soul, with a beautiful vintage style but tough and technically perfect.”

Anvil Motociclette on Facebook  and their website


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