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Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive The Disco Motorcycle Helmet Solution

Natalie Walsh got us hooked with this one: a motorcycle helmet redesigned and pimped out as a disco ball.

“This disco ball helmet uses real glass, as it is intended as a costume piece, to be paired with a disco backpack, coming soon,” Walsh said.  “If you want it to be functional, acrylic mirror would be safer and lighter weight though not as shiny and reflective.”

Walsh is no neophyte in the design world. She has a whole bunch of very interesting work on her site, and she provides us a little history of the path that led her to make this ultra-magnifico piece of motorcycle helmet art:

In my teenage years I was lucky enough to dabble in a range of mediums, taking classes in stained glass, wood and photography at my high school, and sewing or making jewelry in my free time. I enjoyed sewing so much that I continued on to study Fashion Design at Cornell University. During this time I was able to discover my love of illustration and graphic art while studying abroad in Florence, and I have pursued design and illustration ever since.

Following graduation, I spent four years in New York City working at SelectNY as an art director for beauty and luxury clients such as Calvin Klein, Swarovski, and Sebastian Professional. In need of a change from the big city life, I spent a year and half traveling the world and working as a designer along the way. I have now come full circle, and am back in San Francisco working as a freelance designer.

Now I’d really be interested if she’d focus her laser-like eye for the cool on motorcycles. In a perfect world, Walsh would take on a motorcycle gas tank, and I’m sure the result would be just as out there and excellent as this helmet. She’s got the look…

Disco Ball Helmet

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