Do You Need a Roof On Your Motorcycle

Got a major beef with the pain that is wearing a motorcycle helmet? Don’t like the idea of a motorcycle helmet or have some kind of political beef with wearing a helmet at all because you hate dealing with The Man? Hate riding in the rain?

Have we got the bike for you…

The Crossbow is slick-looking, all-weather, electric motorcycle with a protective windshield to preclude the rider from having to wear a helmet. The Crossbow comes with a canopy cover to protect riders from many types of road hazards faced by riders of traditional bikes.

The Crossbow Canopy was designed by Phil Pauley and constructed around the Suzuki Nuda concept bike. Way back in 1986 Suzuki unleashed the Nuda concept¬† at that year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Based itself on GSX-R750 only the front wheel and half of the rear wheel were visible outside the fairing design. The top speed of the Nuda clocked in at around 175mph thanks to smooth aerodynamics. The Suzuki Nuda concept, in addition to styling that was about two-and-a-half decades ahead of its time,¬† was a two-wheel drive machine which delivered the inline four-cylinder GSX-R750 engine’s power to both front and rear wheels via shaft drives. The Nuda also dispensed with traditional forks in favor of an ill-fated hub-center steering setup, and ultimately, it was that setup that prevented the bike from making it into production.

Pauley’s automatic canopy is beautifully styled to compliment the riding position. Though it doesn’t look like it, the design allows for the rider’s legs to keep the machine stable and maintain full control at low speeds. One added advantage? Maximized aerodynamics for high-speed runs. Add to the package the basic comforts of a roof, heating and a windscreen wiper, and you’ve got yourself a potent package of comfort and style.

Phil Pauley © 2011

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