The Beauty of Motorcycles in Bank Shilling Video Goodness

Advertisers have an ongoing love affair with motorcycles.

They provide anyone shilling a product with a built-in excitement factor which is frankly undeniable, and manufacturers of clothing, shoes and perfume just can’t help themselves from hauling out the bikes to make their often run-of-the-mill products look positively desireable.

But selling a bank with motorcycles? This teevee commercial, at least as far as I’m concerned, shows just how appealing the motorcycle is to advertisers and to people, regardless of their nationality.

Banking. Whenever I think freedom, iconoclasm, I think…banking.

Okay, maybe not, but this is a nice little film and even rather moving.

  • Created by Ogilvy Taiwan
  • Creative Director: Jennifer Hu
  • Copywriter: Jennifer Hu, Justin Chia
  • Art director: Leah Chen
  • Producer: Abby Ku
  • Director: Thanonchai

This teevee commercial, though perhaps titled a bit on the loose side asĀ  Dream Rangers, was created by the Ogilvy Taiwan advertising agency for TC Bank in Taiwan. Released in March 2011, you have to wonder if it resulted more motorcycles being sold than checking accounts being opened.

Dream Rangers for TC Bank Taiwan

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