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Balls of Steel and a Forehead Made of Sandpaper

Track day brings out the hoon is some people.

Always looking for the apex and willing to lose a little skin in that quest, racers like to do a mean lean and a some serious kneesliding is often in order.

If you’re wondering why the photo below seems to show a sack of laundry on the back of a motorcycle taking a proficiency run around the circuit, it’s because the rider is not only dragging a knee on the track in the time-honored method, he’s also dragging his helmet.

Yep, you read that right, dragging his helmet.

It looks like the rider is laying sideways across the bike, but he’s actually dragging his head along the track as he takes the turn. To do any kind of job racing motorcycles, you have to get the bike low to the ground through the turns. It’s often necessary to drag a knee or even an elbow to shave off some precious seconds.

This is a whole ‘nother ballgame, Amigo.

YouTube user Insanod describes the making of the ride and the video this way:

About 1 minute in I drag my helmet on the race track in a 10% banked corner in 3rd gear on my Predator gsxr 600. Dale from Racers Edge is filming and we were just playin on the track. Please do not try this and thanks to the race track for not kicking me out. “hint” they will normally kick u out

Indeed, but if you need to sand down imperfections in your forehead, this might just be the way to go:


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