Texting Your Way Into A Motorcycle Club Beatdown

Of all the places you might accidentally run into while doing your distracted driving; an art glass store (satisfying noise), a doughnut shop (you could grab a cruller while surveying the damage and to console yourself), maybe a body shop to make repairs handy, there’s one place you should studiously avoid. A motorcycle club hangout.

This guy was doing it wrong.

The police say a 21-year-old driver admitted to them after the fact that he was driving too fast when he crashed into a motorcycle club hangout. According to the owner of the garage the kid hit has a different story to tell…

“One of the officers or firefighters said he was texting his mom as he was turning. I guess he was going to fast and sure enough he ended up right into our house. So, no texting while driving,” he said.

The kid, driving a Ford Taurus no less, slammed into the corner of a garage and caused major damage to the building – and the five motorcycles which were stored inside.

The driver was released by officers after being given a ticket for driving too fast.

And the kid was lucky. It just so happens that the man who lives there is in a motorcycle club and his garage is where his friends store their bikes. According to witnesses, the justifiably nervous driver sat on the curb during the police investigation, presumably waiting for a group of angry Pagans to arrive on the scene and dispense their brand of street justice once the cops were done.

The good news? The bikes were all insured.

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