They Should Be An Easy Sell – The Best Motorcycle Ads of All Time

It’s difficult to get worked up over purchasing, say, a new toaster or a coffee maker or a twelve pack of beer or tires for your car, but a motorcycle? That’s just the ticket to get the adrenaline flowing.

People are selling motorcycles all the time. They get tired of them, want a new one and put their ad on Craigslist in the hope of recovering some fraction of what they paid for them to put down on a new Ducati.

Some of those amateur ads, the one shown here on the right in particular, are the stuff of genius.

The question becomes, not how you sell a motorcycle to someone who already rides, but how do you sell a motorcycle to someone who has never owned one, and for that, you need the pros. You have your agency put together a TV spot which makes motorcycles look like precisely what they are, the most balls-out way you can get from here to there and not bore yourself to tears.

If you’re an advertising executive or creative, you have the usual array of choices on which to hang your “high concept” and get the approval of the client. You can always go with the time-tested “put a babe on a bike” shill. You can look for a celebrity endorser. You can find the hottest motorcycle photographer and create something which is the nearly-pornographic equivalent of two-wheeled beauty. You can sell America and history.

Or you can do it like this…

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Yamaha R1

Royal Enfield



And a gallery of motorcycle print ads…

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