Cafe Racer TV Back For Season Three

Cafe Racer on TV

The Bostrom Brothers are going to be featured on one of our favorite motorcycle TV shows as the show  explores the past, present and future of the Cafe Racer. Back for a third season on Velocity in April, the latest incarnation of this excellent program promises more of the same – and that’s good.

Hosted by motorcycle aficionado and builder Mike Seate, Cafe Racer TV gives viewers an in-depth look at the culture, craft and cool behind this growing motorcycle subculture. The new season of Cafe Racer TV is set to premiere on the Velocity Network Thursday, April 19 at 8 p.m. EDT. And what’s more, you’ll also get a bonus premiere episode immediately following at 8:30 p.m.

Season Three of Cafe Racer TV is an exploration of the cafe racer culture, one which still thrives around the world after more than fifty years,  visits builders as they restore and re-imagine machines made over to fit the look and feel of the original bikes. Stripped of excess parts, their engines tuned for maximum output, these builders are after one thing – the Holy Grail of cafe racing: “Doing the Ton.”

“Cafe Racer has become a key franchise for Velocity,” said Bob Scanion of Velocity. “The show delivers on our promise to give viewers exclusive access to their favorite experts and take them on rides they’ve never had before.”

Seate is also clear on what he sees as the show’s appeal to riders, builders and garage junkies.

“Where choppers are more about show than go, cafe racers are all about speed,” Seate said. “The ability to build and ride a hand-made, high-performance motorcycle has kept cafe racers popular for over 60 years.”

This time around? Season Three opens with a visit to a legendary Ducati shop in Italy as builders search for parts to complete a one-off build.

Future episodes feature the Bostrom Brothers’ taking on a build; track testing bikes at Little Talledega; a custom cafe build on which no expense will be spared and which ultimately racks up a tab in the six figures and an exclusive ride with the Cretins MC

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