Irish One Percenters Terrorize The Cube Farm

Joseph Campo is taking a slightly different tack when it comes to portraying motorcycle gangs on television.

We all know about the excellent Sons of Anarchy series and its creator, Kurt Sutter, but Campo is putting a mirthful Irish spin on his motorcycle-gang-centric series.

Campo has created a series of thirteen, five-minute episodes of comedy for the web called The Clandestine. Campo plans to, if he can come up with the cash money, poke a little fun at the various motorcycling stereotypes out there.

His proposed show takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s a pretty simple story line, but the best shows often come from that kind of high-concept stuff. In a nutsheel: A group of nerds create a motorcycle club.

If the show is ever to get off the ground, they’ll need your help. Funded by a Kickstarter project, Campo and the other creators of the show are looking to raise $25,000 to keep cranking out episodes. So far, only two episodes have been completed. For the show to actually take wing, Campo and company will need you to kick in some cash. Should you want to see more of this motorcycle satire, some sexy ladies, a group of geeks living on the edge – all with a soundtrack made up of music from some up-and-coming Irish rock bands – check out this episode and support their project…


The Parties Responsible

Kieran Doherty – Writer

Kieran is part comedian, part salesman, and part sorcerer. I could see him someday ruling the world.

He has been a writer and producer for TV for the last 7 years. His credits include Get Smarter in a Week (BBC / BNN), Over Here (BBC), and Just For Laughs (BBC), Take The Money and Run (ABC), Find Me The Funny (BBC), The David Meade Project (BBC) and Secret Fortune (BBC).

Luca Rocchini – Director of Photography

He’s Italian. If that’s not sexy enough for you, his work has played all over the world including the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. He’s also the recipient of the 2010 Kodak/Nahemi cinematography award.

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