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Avengers Motorcycle Gang Member Pinched For Firing A Shot at Undercover Officers

Four members of the Avengers motorcycle gang were rounded up and placed in the cooler after one of them allegedly shot at plainclothes State Police troopers Wednesday in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous said three undercover troopers with the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation were shadowing four members of the Avengers motorcycle gang conducting surveillance when the gang members managed to detect the troopers and proceeded to make threatening gestures at them. According to Baylous, one of the bikers pulled a gun as the motorcycles rounded the troopers in their vehicle. Baylous said the troopers got ahead of the bikers, stopped by the side of the road and pulled out their badges, but as the bikers once again blew by the officers, one of the bikers turned and fired a shot at the troopers as he rode past.

As a result of the shot, Baylous said the biker wrecked his motorcycle, scrambled to his feet, and jumped on the back of another bike to make his escape. Baylous said two of the suspects were caught later, and two were apprehended while hiding out at a nearby house.

According to the police, Thomas Glenn Speck, 34, of Lapeer, Mich., was responsible for squeezing off a round at the troopers. Speck was charged with counts of wanton endangerment, being a felon in possession of a firearm, fleeing on a vehicle and being a fugitive from justice.

Authorities say the other three men are from West Virginia.

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