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A Video Look Inside Falcon Motorcycles With Ian Barry

It’s been a scant three years since Ian Barry set up his benches and tools in his L.A. motorcycle shop. His output in that time? Just three machines. But it’s those three machines that set the custom motorcycle world buzzing.

The meticulous craftsmanship and near obsessive attention to detail of Barry’s Black Falcon led that bike to capture attention even outside the cozy confines of the motorcycle fraternity. Everything from the brakes, to the shocks to the gas tanks was created by hand. Barry crafted the frame and exhaust and did a complete overhaul of the motor.

And what a motor it is.

The 1,000-cc, pushrod Vincent V-twin received the builder’s loving ministrations and in return, the mill provided the builder with an additional 35 horsepower.

This video gives you a look into Barry’s shop…

FFJournal TV went inside Falcon Motorcycles to give you a personal tour of the shop and a look at how Barry works his magic. Barry, the chief designer and head fabricator, talks about his painstaking method and the reasons for his zen-like quest to make the perfect motorcycle. Each of his custom British machines is stripped to the frame before being reconfigured and reconstructed from parts made by hand.

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