Thompson Set To Take Over For Porterfield In Quest To Be the World's Fastest Woman

Valerie Thompson, twice a record holder of the female motorcycle land speed record, will take over for current record holder Leslie Porterfield in an attempt to add a couple of wheels – and lots more power – to break the 40-year-old record and become “the world’s fastest woman.”

Kitty O’Neal set the current record of 512 mph back in 1972.

Thompson will take on the Bonneville Salt Flats strip driving the North American Eagle. The Eagle cranks out 50,000 horsepower via its jet engines (converted from F-104 Lockheed Star fighter jets) and it was purpose-built to reach speeds in excess of 800 mph.

Thompson is a top drag race driver who has achieved 201.01 mph on a motorcycle.

The current motorcycle land speed record holder, Porterfield, was forced to drop out of her spot as the proposed driver for the attempt due to recent health issues.

The testing for the Thompson record attempt is scheduled to start this summer during Bonneville Speed Week.

The North American Eagle team will also make a run at the current land speed, 763mph, this summer as well.

Valerie Thompson

Scottsdale, AZ
Tacoma, WA
NHRA & Bonneville Land Speed Racing
Pro Stock Motorcycle
Body Style:
2008 XB9R Buell
2-Time Land Speed Record Holder Bonneville Salt Flats2011 American Woman Riders Community Hero Award, Co-RecipientAmazing Women 2011, Shattering Barriers Red Carpet Award

Career Best Quarter Mile:

7.05 Seconds – 187.42 MPH
Top Speed Bonneville:    201.01 MPH


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