Holiday Customs Yamaha XS 650 Assembly Time Lapse Video

I love custom machines and I’m particularly enamored of the Yamaha XS 650 as a platform for customization. The venerable 650 has the virtues of being relatively cheap, having a bulletproof engine, many available upgrade and new part options and a history of reliability.

Jared Johnson of Portland, OR, has come up with a variant of the usual XS bobber that I think is unique, inventive and stylish. John runs Holiday Customs, and his latest efforts are, in a word, exceptional. His bikes feature classically beautiful lines and old-school touches that make them stand out.

The time and thought Johnson has put into the design of his frame and pipes just seems a perfect compliment to the original machine.

Johnson’s eye for line and style give his latest pair of XS650’s a look that harkens back to the British twins of old, but they also have the virtue of slightly more modern and accessible technology.

What really caught my attention was the really instructive and entertaining time-lapse video Johnson put together of the assembly process for his latest bike.

“Spent a long time building this bike, put it together and the clear coat went yellow on me so I tore it back apart,” according to Jared. “Then on the rebuild I thought it would be a good time to film a build video. This bike is for sale…”

The customs Johnson has come up with are a testament to what a man with a vision can do to make the old new again. for more info


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