I’m divorced. Should I sell my ex-wife’s $10K diamond ring to buy a motorcycle?

Early mid-life crisis? My perennial spring fever? Whatever, I want a new motorcycle.

I’m 29, recently divorced, and a student. So I get by just fine but have nothing left over for things I want. Like motorcycles and traveling. I'm content with this, for the time being.

Yet here I am seriously thinking of liquefying the only real property I have – My ex’s $10,000 engagement ring that she was nice enough to give back when I asked for a divorce.

I’ve got my eye on a beautiful new bike that the ring would easily pay for, with plenty left over for a new helmet and a couple good road trips this summer. Obviously it’s far from a wise “long term financial decision,” but I can think of nothing that would pull me out of this rut of depression faster. I’m anxious to feel happy again.

Edit: Thank you for all the feedback. I didn't think this post would get so much attention.

$10,000 isn't what I paid for the ring. I didn't disclose that number, or its appraised value, because I didn't want to come across as even more pretentious. My bankroll was a bit fatter four years ago. And I still spent way too damn much on the ring.

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