Incredible Harley 45 Flathead Custom by Josh Ewing

This bike is, at least in my humble estimation, just about the coolest ride a man could hope for…

It’s the work of Josh Ewing, a guy who started wrenching on all things vehicular after buying his first car at age 16, a broken down 1968 Impala.

“I had no money to fix it,” Josh said, “so I did it myself.”

Ewing started with welding, then followed that up with stints in bodywork and mechanics.

“Then I spent another year and a half working from Wicked Fabrication,” he said. “I have no clue why or how I got into bikes and hot rods. My folks weren’t into it and neither were my brothers.”

While working on the car side of things, he built motorcycles almost as an afterthought until he opened his own shop in Washington outside of Tacoma.

Marty Mitchell, one of Josh’s fabrication customers, hauled in a partially dismantled 1946 45 flathead. Josh made the tank, the oil bag, the fender, forward controls, fender struts, license plate and taillight mount chain guard and center rear sprocket web. He then proceeded to clean and smooth the stock springer front end and fabricated some caliper mounts.


Photo by Michael Lichter

Josh Ewing by Michael Lichter

Technical Details From

Owner: Marty Mitchell
Spanaway, WA

Builder: Ewing Kustoms
Location: 13701 24st East, Sumner, WA.

Phone #253-826-6246 /

Email address :
Fabrication: Ewing Kustoms
Manufacturing: Ewing Kustoms
Welding: Ewing Kustoms
Machining: Ewing Kustoms

Year: 1946
Make: Harley Davidson
Model: Flathead
Displacement: 45 cubic inch
Builder or Rebuilder: unknown
Cases: stock
Case finish: polished
Barrels: stock
Barrel finish: Unknown
Heads: stock
Head finish: Unknown

Carburetion: stock (polished)
Other: Distributor is a modified Mallory

Year: 1946
Make: Harley Davidson
Gear configuration: 3-speed
Final drive: chain
Primary: stock chain without cover
Clutch: Barnett


Year: 1946
Make: Harley Davidson
Style or Model: Flathead 45
Rake: about 45 degrees
Modifications: Rebuilt backbone and downtube to lower the headtube of frame. Removed any mounts that were not necessary, which were most of them.

Front End

Make: Harley Davidson
Model: Flathead
Year: 1946
Length: stock
Mods: Shaved off fender & other misc. mounts. Powder coated and chromed.

Sheet metal

Tanks: Ewing Kustoms
Fenders: Ewing Kustoms
Oil tank: Ewing Kustoms
Other: Air cleaner, primary cover & shroud, chain guard, brake lever, wheel spacer/ brake caliper mounts, fender struts, headlight mount, license plate mount and frame, front spool hub, distributor cap, kickstand, kicker pedal, exhaust mount, upper motor mount, and fender mount are all handmade at Ewing Kustoms.


Sheet metal: Byers Custom & Restoration
Molding: Byers Custom & Restoration
Base coat: Byers Custom & Restoration
Graphics: Byers Custom & Restoration
Frame: Rainier Powder Coating


Make: Harley Davidson / Ewing Kustoms
Size: 16 inch
Brake calipers: Performance Machine
Brake rotor(s): Ewing Kustoms
Tire: 5.00-16 white wall

Make: Harley Davidson / Ewing Kustoms
Size: 16 inch
Brake calipers: Performance Machine
Brake rotor: Ewing Kustoms
Pulley: (sprocket) Ewing Kustoms
Tire: 5.00-16 white wall


Foot controls: Ewing Kustoms
Finish: Black Powder Coat & Chrome
Master cylinder: Modified Wagner style
Brake lines: Ewing Kustoms / Goodridge
Handlebar controls: Ewing Kustoms
Finish: Chrome
Clutch Cable: Ewing Kustoms
Brake Lines: Ewing Kustoms / Goodridge
Shifting: Modified stock hand shifter with Ewing Kustom mount and linkage


Ignition: Mallory
Ignition switch: Sportster
Coils: Gill
Regulator: V-Twin (solid state)
Charging: V-Twin generator
Wiring: Ewing Kustoms
Harness: Ewing Kustoms
Headlight: Model A cowl light/ Ewing Kustoms
Taillight: Ewing Kustoms
Switches: Only an ignition switch
Battery: Centennial Battery Systems


Seat: Ewing Kustoms
Pipes: Ewing Kustoms
Exhaust finish: Ceramic Coating
Gas caps: Ewing Kustoms
Handlebars: Ewing Kustoms
Grips: McFarland Upholstery
Pegs: Ewing Kustoms
Oil lines: Ewing Kustoms
Fuel filter: stock style
Fuel Lines: Ewing Kustoms
Throttle: Exile internal throttle
Throttle cables: Ewing Kustoms
Fasteners: Custom Chrome

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