RetroMoto TV Show A Show By Motorcycle Guys For Motorcycle Guys

I’m a sucker for motorcycle shows, and  I particularly enjoy shows about builders and historical subjects. While I once enjoyed the reality teevee stuff like American Chopper, I’m really much more partial to the latest round of motorcycle shows like Cafe Racer TV.

The newest entry into the war for eyeballs is RetroMoto TV, and it looks like a winner to me.

Produced by Ed Buffman, Shel Brown, and John Lawless, this show has backers with the proper pedigree to put together a product which will have wide appeal. If you need more information than you get here, check out for the minutiae.

Matt Smith of RetroMoto TV and Jon Patrick of the excellent site, The Selvedge Yard, check out a 1965 Triumph Bonneville T120C rebuild in progress at Matt’s shop Quaker City Motor Works in West Chester, PA. – Photo by Ashley Smalley

Matt Smith is a vintage British motorcyle restorer at Quaker City City Motor Works and Smoke and Throttle and he’s on board with well-known motorcycle collector and racer John Lawless, former dirt bike racer and filmmaker Ed Buffman, and a former director and editor at NBC, Shel Brown.

Smith brings a load of grit and gristle – the real deal – to the project. Smith grew up surrounded by the motorcycle life in Pennsylvania. His father was the late Robert”Snuffy” Smith, and dad raced vintage bikes. Smith’s cousin, John Mcllvaine, was a mechanic for Gary Nixon protege, Gary Fisher.

If you’d like an excellent tour through the history behind it all, check out Jon Patrick’s work at his most excellent culture and motorcycle site, The Selvedge Yard. You can see some rare and never before published pics of a young, string-bean Gary Nixon taken by John here.

You can also See more historically cool images of Nixon here @ Smoke and Throttle…


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