Isle of Man TT Zero Electric Class Motorcycle Race To Get Electric Honda Entry

Honda first brought their motorcycles to the Isle of Man in 1959, and they took home a victory in the 125 class, and now the company plans to return to the Isle of Man TT to debut an electric-powered race bike.

While the new electric bike will be fielded by Mugen, a Honda motor racing division, it’s certain HRC will play a big role in the attempt at the Isle of Man TT. The bike will be entered in the TT Zero category.

Honda RC-e electric-powered motorcycle concept

No one knows what bike Honda and Mugen will debut, but it’s a pretty good bet the Honda RC-E concept will be the basis of that entry. Mugen is for manufacturing aftermarket car parts, but the company also builds a number of aftermarket parts for the range of Honda sport bikes from the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR to the company’s scooters and even dirt bikes.

Don’t think Honda will immediately dominate the TT Zero class, though, they face come tough, seasoned competition, mostly from MotoCzysz. MotoCzysz dominated the TT Zero race at the Isle of Man last year and they did it from end to end. Motoczysz turned in the fastest times in practice, qualifying, and nearly every stretch of the race itself. Turning in the fastest time down the Sulby Straight, MotoCzysz also blew away the competition down the Grand Stand and while setting, and then breaking seven lap records at the Isle of Man last year.

Perhaps the best know of the prestigious motorcycle races, the Isle of Man TT Zero class has become the world’s premier showcase for electric-powered racing motorcycles. The entry of Mugen and Honda into the field this year ups the ante considerably. Until now, most of the competitors in the TT Zero class have come from the ranks of the smaller electric motorcycle manufacturers looking to provide a showcase for their technology, but now that Honda are in the mix and bent on committing resources to the electric motorcycle segment, expect the level of attention paid to the TT Zero class to ratchet up a few more notches.

Naomi Taniguchi on board his Honda at the 1959 The Isle of Man TT

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