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Mongol Motorcycle Gang Member Found Guilty of Killing Hells Angels SF Chapter President

A member of the Mongols motorcycle gang was found guilty and could face life in prison for murdering the San Francisco chapter president of the Hells Angels.

Christopher Bryan Ablett, also known as “Stoney,” was convicted this week of multiple felonies which include murder in the aid of racketeering, by a federal jury in San Francisco.

A member of the Modesto chapter of the Mongols, Ablett had been charged with the gang-related murder of Mark “Papa” Guardado back on Sept. 2, 2008, during a scuffle in the San Francisco Mission district.

Witnesses said a fight broke out between the bikers during which Ablett stabbed Guardado four times – and then shot him twice.

According to Ablett’s testimony, the killing was done in self-defense, but jurors were not convinced and found the killing came as a result of Ablett’s desire to enhance his status with the Mongols.

Ablett is set to face sentencing on May 15 of this year.

VIDEO:Mark “Papa” Guardado’s family and friends talk about who he was and footage from the Hells Angel procession. Guardado’s family and friends asked that their faces not be shown.


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