Motorcycle Time Travel With Classified Moto

The Future of Custom Motorcycles?

Indeed…and as an aside, I once rocked the muttonchops back in the day.  I miss them. My wife recently vetoed my desire to grow out my mustache, procure some wax and go for the old-school handlebar look. I was saddened by her lack of aesthetic appreciation, but as I’m determined not to upset the delicate balance of domestic life, I’ll just have to keep rocking the goatee (which has the Good Spousekeeping Seal of Approval) from now until I pass from this mortal coil.

C’est la vie.

At any rate, back to the subject at hand, this goofy ad for last-chance motorcycle and furniture purveyors, Classified Moto out of Old Virginny:

Team Ryland (husband John and wife Betsy), have been making waves building custom motorcycles and custom motorcycle home furnishings, and that’s always struck me as a wild and wonderful combination.

John Ryland takes bikes dropped off by his customers – or bikes or he finds himself – redesigns them,  and then applies his signature look while giving the bike’s guts a mechanical update. He says that while he has a definite preference for the design and engineering elements of customizing motorcycles, most of his time is spent with a wrench in hand.

And those thoroughly stylish and motorcycle-centric home furnishings?

Betsy Ryland, who also works as a jewelry designer, creates the lamps from old motorcycle parts and they’ve become a hit as well and have sold to customers all around the world.

So who’s to thank for this inspired and goofy bit of cinematic self-log-rolling? Adam Ewing did the shootin’, Devin Bousquet cut it all together, Bill Grishaw dropped the needle for the musical accompaniment  and Jeff McManus did his digital deejay thing and mixed it all into the soup.

The awesome French Foreign Legion muttonchops were provided by  actor Patrick Biedrycki and one Kristy Heilenday chipped in the dramatic gesticulation that set the whole thing in motion.

All in all, I give it two thumbs up…


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