Stunt Biker Crashes Motorcycle at Saginaw Circus Performance

A motorcycle stunt rider who slammed into an overhead cable and plunged 25 feet to the ground during a circus performance said he’ll ride again after he recovers from a broken leg and a rash of other injuries.

“It’s all I do. It’s how I make a living,” said Josh Headford of the horrific crash that brought stunned silence to the crowd.

Twenty-year-old Headford stunned the crowd when the motocross bike he was riding hit a cable during a Shrine Circus performance in Saginaw, Michigan.

According to Headford the cable should have been lowered or removed by circus staff. Headford suffered a broken leg, wrist, elbow and shoulder as a result of his tumble.

“As soon as I saw the cable, it caught my bike and I went flying. That was pretty much it,” Headford said. “It was like hitting a brick wall. I thought I was done…”

Headford lives in Menominee County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it looks like he’ll be facing a long recovery…

Josh “Whoha” Headford

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