The SHR Enterprises Jay Springsteen XR750 Replica

Dan Jacobson asked us to find some photos of this custom gem, and so we have…

These Jay Springsteen XR750 Replicas are being put into production by racer and bike builder Billy Hofmeister, owner of SHR Enterprises.

Hofmeister’s first race – a hill climb – came at the age of twelve. He not only took on a full slate of adult riders with years of experience, he took third place and then went on to start ripping up tracks at county fairs, community festivals, and AMA national events across the country. Lots of first place trophies and a Canadian National Championship title in hand, Hofmeister is still running with pack to this very day.

His real love, the oldest type of American motorcycle racing, flat track, dates back nearly to the inception of motorcycling. Riders on the flat track circuit drift through the turns mere inches from each other at speeds over 100 mph. And the bike that has dominated competition on the flat tracks since the early 1970’s – the Harley Davidson XR-750 –  has always been the force to be reckoned with on the AMA Grand National racing circuit.

As an homage to that venerable machine, Hofmeister created his hopped up version of the XR-750. It’s 105 hp Buell motor is sure to move it along at an alarming rate…

Jay Springsteen XR750 Replicas Specs:

  • 1200 Buell XB motor 105 hp
  • 19″ PM racing wheels
  • Custom Oil in frame , single shock chrome moly racing chassis
  • PM brakes front and rear
  • PM controls
  • Aluminum fuel tank
  • Custom paint and graphics signed by Jay himself
  • Supertrapp exhaust
  • Flanders bars
  • Custom “9” imprinted seat
  • Aluminum pegs
  • Penske shock
  • Headlight and tailight

Optional Equipment:

  • Wire Spoke Racing Wheels (And don’t they look sweet)
  • Color Choice of “Harley Orange” or Blue  and White “Supertrapp” race colors or Burgundy over White “Bartells race colors
  • Nickel, Chrome or Painted frame

What kind of dent will all this wonderful horsepower put in your bank account? How about $24,605 in a turn-key version or $26,995 loaded for bear…

Link: SHR Enterprises



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Buying Your First Bike? The Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

You’re going to take it to the limit when you head out to ride. Across deserts, up the sides of mountains and down the highway to feel the thrill of the open road as it stretches out in front of you. When you do, you need to make sure that both you and your machine are covered by the right insurance protection.
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  • Medical payment or personal injury protection to cover the medical bills resulting from an accident.
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