A Biker A Babe and A Nikon

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If there’s one thing bikers like, particularly sport bikers, it’s seeing a little video footage of their exploits. The advent of the GoPro series of small, HD-capable video cameras has resulted in some stunning footage, but what makes a motorcycle video really watchable is some sort of narrative element and some great camera work.

The new Nikon D800 sports some impressive video capabilities, and the company has released a film designed to demonstrate those capabilities to potential buyers.

This not-so-aptly-titled film (as everyone depicted seems a touch concerned or downright surly) is called “Joy Ride” and was shot by one-name photographer, Sandro. If the footage was meant to demonstrate the versatility of the D800, is does one hell of a job as Sandro makes it work in a wide variety of tough lighting situations. The motorcycle tracking night shots and the candle-lit scenes look damn nice.

Keep in mind that buying one doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly be capable of this kind of work…results, as they say, may vary.


Joy Ride from Sandro on Vimeo.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Insurance

Buying Your First Bike? The Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you ride a sport bike or an American cruiser, your insurance needs can get complicated.
We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance, whatever you ride…

Tips for buying your motorcycle insurance, coverage you need:

  • Collision to pay for damage caused to your vehicle in an accident with another vehicle or any stationary object.
  • Comprehensive to cover such things as fire, hail, wind, vandalism, hitting an animal, etc.
  • Towing / Pickup
  • Medical payment or personal injury protection to cover the medical bills resulting from an accident.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist to protect us when the other driver is at-fault and does not have coverage or assets out of which your bills can be paid.

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