Carlos Condit Scrap at UFC 143 Over Nick Diaz Wins Him A New Harley

If you’re going to step into the Octagon against one of the scrappiest fighters in MMA, you should get something sweet out of the deal if you emerge in once piece, and Carlos Condit did that and more last night at UFC 143 from Las Vegas.

Condit’s war with Nick Diaz earned him an interim title, a nice paycheck and a brand new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. Now that Condit holds the interim welterweight title and is in line for a matchup with champion Georges St. Pierre, he can clear his head with a few long rides on his new bike before he takes on St. Pierre.

“It will be an honor to fight St. Pierre,” Condit said after his win over Diaz.

Though Diaz pressed forward in the second round and it looked like he landed the more damaging punches, Condit landed leg kicks throughout the fight that opened Diaz up for counter strikes and gave Condit the victory on all three judges scorecards, 48-47, 49-46, and 49-46.

Diaz was none too thrilled with the decision and dropped the retirement bomb when the decision was announced.

“I’m not going to accept this as a loss,” Diaz said. “I think I’m done with this MMA stuff, I don’t think they can pay me enough to do this again.”

Maybe if Dana White worked it out so Diaz got a consolation Harley 72 he might change his mind?

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