We Have A Winner In the Empire Covers Motorcycle Cover Contest

What, did you think we weren’t for real?

Well, we are, and we’ve gone and done the deed. The winner of the Free Motorcycle Cover Contest is…drumroll please, Doctor:

Nick Barrett!

And there it was, something for nothing, my friends. My lovely wife selected the winner via her own secret methodology (which, without giving away all the secrets, involved her finger and a  hastily-fashioned blindfold).

So Nick, enjoy the cover…and do the right thing and send us a photo of your bike under the cover once it’s delivered.

So even though you didn’t win, you might want to go to our Facebook page, our Twitter thingy (@ToddHalterman) and give us a little likey-or-RT-love. I mean, after all, it’s surely not our last awesome giveaway and you might prevail in the next contest.

So why did we do this thing we do? Because if you dig motorcycles, we dig you…

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