No Way to Treat a Brother – Forbidden MC Member Convicted Of Killing Club President

Only a couple things are clear about the events that led to the death of Forbidden MC President, Roland Lagasse. Kevin Campbell was accused of killing him, and a jury of Campbell’s peers didn’t believe the story he told them about how it all happened.

Campbell was convicted of murdering Lagasse during what he claimed was an accidental shooting outside the Forbidden MC headquarters in Torrington, Connecticut back in 2008. Campbell now faces 25 to 60 years in prison which will be determined when the 57-year-old is sentenced April 10. This deliberation marked the second time Campbell went on trial for killing Lagasse; the first trial ended in a hung jury.

Witnesses said the dustup that led to the shooting of Lagasse came about as a result of a fight the victim had with Campbell’s brother over full-patch status for a new club member. According to Campbell, he pulled his gun on Lagassee in self-defense – and it fired by accident.

What sealed the deal for the jurors? Eyewitness testimony by club member Eugene Thebarge III contradicted Kevin Campbell’s tale in every way. Campbell told the jury that Thebarge was standing by and pounding a set of brass knuckles into his open palm as Lagasse whipped on his brother, James Campbell. Campbell said Lagasse then kicked James Campbell while he was face down on the ground and rained down a series of 10 punches to the back of his brother’s head before he drew his gun and stepped in to stop the beating.

“The second time — I yelled, ‘Stop,’” Kevin Campbell said. “And he said, ‘You want some too, b****?’”

Campbell said he pulled his .38 pistol when Lagasse charged at him as a matter of self-defense. Lagasse managed to knock Campbell to the ground, the gun went off and he Campbell said he saw Lagasse fall backwards, grabbing at his throat and chest.

But that’s not the story Thebarge told. Thebarge told the jury that Campbell shot Lagasse after the club president landed one punch on James Campbell. Thebarge testified that Kevin Campbell said, ‘You’re a dead man” before shooting Lagasse.

The prosecution played up the fact that Kevin Campbell is a deer hunter, a former Marine and a National Rifle Association member.

“I didn’t want anyone to die that day,” Kevin Campbell told the prosecutor.

For his part and his testimony, Thebarge was unapologetic and unequivocal in his take on Campbell’s actions and conviction on his Facebook page:

Ok you low life f***** piece of s*** you got your just deserve!

I never wanted to witness it. Wished at times i never did.I could have lied and said “I didnt SEE anything.But i f***** did. I saw it all. thanks to a lying scumbag f*** who couldnt control his temper and murdered a you are charged truthfully.I never got a deal. I didnt lie to save my own skin. you did .All i did was tell the f****** truth.and now im damned for it?Bullsh*** , end game M***** F*****.And anybody wanting retaliation. Bring It! I am able and willing to do whatever is necessary to defend myself ,and my family.Buy any means necessary.If anyone is stupid enough to f***with me.They will receive my WRATH.
Now I know in my heart Rolys family has justice.I did as i promised you the horrific night you lost your Dad Craig. Remember?I told you I would tell the truth. I will give you and your sister justice.I kept my word.Because I was raised to believe that a man is only as good as his word.And my word stands like Iron. Believe that. If I die tomorrow. My conscience is clear.God knows me.And he knows the truth as well.
Rose,you now can rest your mind, I hope? Roly received justice.may God rest his soul.I Love You sweetheart.And Im ready to break bread with my favorite Italian lady soon.

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