Riding Ten Up On A Custom Harley To Sturgis

Steve ‘Doc’ Hopkins on the smaller version of his Communal Rider Harley

When Steve “Doc” Hopkins takes his bike out for a spin, he can count on moving nine of his best friend with him. How? He takes his custom-made, 10-seat amalgam of Harley Davidson history. The bike is 24-feet-long and features seven different engines, a few of them which date back 100 years into the past.

“It’s like a rolling history of Harley Davidson’s engines — since 1909 to present,” said Hopkins. “In 1909, Harley Davidson came out with the first v-twin. And that’s what this bike reflects, is the first v-twin on up to through brand new twin cam.”

Creating wild Harleys is nothing new to Hopkins, he’s also built a five-seat (in the photo above), four-engine HD he rode in Harley Davidson’s 105th anniversary parade in Milwaukee.

Featuring a total of seven air-cooled Harley-Davidson Big-Twin engines manufactured from 1909 to the present, Doc’s bike seats 10 people and totals a whopping 538 cubic inches running along on two front wheels, two rear wheels and driven by an enormous 40 feet of chain.

I’m guessing that if that chain breaks, it might be hard to find one at the local dealer…

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  1. Fatmir says:

    I think that shop is also “Home of the World’s Fastest Panhead”, reiddn by Doc’s daughter. Nice job.