Repair Your Own Motorcycle? Is This Better Left to the Pros?

While they’re not the first outfit to offer “Self-Repair” motorcycle shop services, seeing an article about got me thinking about the idea and the pros and cons of using such a service.

Motomethod, in Vancouver, BC, is open for business and offers individual riders the option of heading over there, reserving a lift, renting tools and machinery and doing their own fabrication or repair jobs with or without the supervision of an expert technician.

While it seems like a great idea and will surely help build up an active motorcycle community in the area around the shop, I can’t help but worry for the guys running the show. There’s liability to be concerned about if anything takes an ugly turn, but I’m sure the guys have thought about – and planned for – that sort of agony.

Motomethod Community Motorcycle Repair Shop in Vancouver, BC Canada, allows individual riders to head to their shop and take care of their own repairs. Bonus? The shop is cool with all makes and models of motorcycles from the shiny and new to the, shall we say, less glossy machines.

Their rates, while pretty close to the kind of numbers you’d pay for service from a trained professional, do seem entirely reasonable. For the price, you get a chance to get your mitts dirty and hang out with some people who like to do the same thing – and you’ve got some professional backup if you get in over your head.


Shop Rate

Starts at $80
Tune Up

Starts at $50
Oil Change

Starts at $40
Tire Change*

Brake Bleed

Starts at $20
Brake pad installation

Starts at $25
Carb/throttle body sync

Starts at $40
Motomember Bench Rental

Pickup, Delivery & Tow


* per wheel, includes mounting and balance
** within Vancouver city limits




1 year Motomethod membership includes:

• 1 free pick up/ drop off (within Vancouver)
• Free tire changes
• Access to the DIY faculties for $25/hr
• BIG discounts on tires
• Discounts on all parts/ accessories
• Service with a smile!
• $1/ day storage
Contact Details

Hours:Tuesday to Saturday 9am-6pm
Address:103-1305 Frances St, Vancouver

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