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What Money And Carbon Fiber Can Do The Mansory Zapico Custom Motorcycle

A couple of things about money. If you don’t have any, you can get obsessed with the things it might buy you if you did have money. And if you have money, you can do some crazy things with it to keep yourself amused.

I think this bike fits the ‘I have money and I’m going to do something crazy with it’ paradigm rather well.

Mansory is a German outfit which turns very expensive cars like, say, an Aston Martin, into what I like to think are four-wheeled, designer handbags for the uber-wealthy.

So what happens when a concern known for applying real gold to every surface of a car takes on a motorcycle design? Well, you get the work of motorcycle customizer Thomas M. George and the Mansory touch…

The Mansory Zapico is positively dipped in carbon fiber to give it a look that says to you, clearly but not without some touch of mannered German condescension at your economic inadequacy, ‘I’m sorry, Herr Buyer, but if you have to ask how many Deutschmarks it costs, well…’

The company says all the carbon-fiber pieces and the wheels of the bike were hand built in what is certainly a well-ordered and immaculate factory in Bavaria.

What would you get for your outlay of currency? Start with a 124 c.i. V-twin from American engine builder S&S which cranks out 160 horsepower – enough juice to move you from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds.

Maestro Kourosh Mansory would like you to notice that his machine is wrought from only the finest carbon, and additionally, that all the exquisite work is accomplished at the Mansory factory in Brand well inside the borders of the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria. Mansory and his shock troops have been customizing exclusive and renowned car brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche and Rolls Royce since 1989, and the results, while they speak for themselves, are rather pricey to acquire.


Front: 130/60/18″
Rear: 280/35/18″

Front: 3.5 x 18″ carbon disc
Rear: 10 x 18″ carbon disc by Mansory

S&S T 124 V2 (spring-loaded vibration), the only one of its kind found in this suspension worldwide
Capacity: 124 cubic inches (ca. 2,080 cubic cm)
Power: 160 hp at 5,200 revs per minute
Gears: 5-speed

Design by Thomas M. George
Front mask, bug spoiler, seat module, primary shield, silencer applications, fuel tank, frame, fork, wheel rims, airbox all carbon-fibery lucious

Aluminum applied on the fuel tank, spoiler and rear fender

By Mansory, of course

Around 750lbs


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