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Motorcycle Hillclimb History and AMA Pro Hillclimb Events for 2012

Here in the Midwest, we’re in the deepest ‘Heart of Darkness’ part of winter and while there’s lots to do in the garage, one can’t help but yearn for warmer times and the motorcycle events that come with their arrival.

Here in Michigan, we love motorcycles. We have a long tradition of events, some of which, like the Mt. Garfield Hillclimb and Muskegon Bike Time, which enjoy some national renown.

Hillclimbing pits riders against the clock – and each other’s times – to complete what are generally vicious uphill courses. One of the oldest forms of motor racing, the first known relatively organized hillclimb event took place at La Turbie near Nice, France back in January of 1897 shortly after the invention of the motorcycle.

While the popularity of the sport continues to wax and wane, the appeal to riders and serious motorcyclists has endured.

A hillclimb held at Shelsley Walsh, in Worcestershire, England currently stands as the world’s oldest continuously staged motor racing event still held on its original course. First run in 1905, the Shelsley Walsh event draws huge crowds.  The longest permanent hillclimb in the United Kingdom is located at Harewood in West Yorkshire, and the track runs a brutal and astonishing total of nearly nine-tenths of a mile.

Apart from the classic “hillclimb” event as it is generally arranged in the US, there are road-based hillclimb events which also include classes for cars like the annual Pike’s Peak run.





Promoter’s Link

June 3 White Rose MC Club,
Jefferson (York Co), PA
June 10 Bushkill Valley MC Club,
Freemansburg, PA

June 13

Ridge Runner Prommotions,
Canaan, NH
Note, this is the-
Shawn P. Farnsworth Memorial Hillclimb and it is the Wednesday event of the annual Laconia Bike Week.

June 23
Saturday Night

Devil’s Staircase,
Oregonia, OH
6 pm start, No Pro Sport Class
July 15 Ogemaw Hills Bike Week,
West Branch, MI
August 5 Muskegon MC Club,
Muskegon, MI
(All Star Challenge)
August 19 Poags Hole Productions,
Dansville, NY
(This hillclimbis NOT part of the AMA Pro Hillclimb Series. It is being billed as the “US Unlimited Championship.” It will feature professional riders on Unlimited and Open Class bikes only, with a maximum number of 40 riders. Also a 16-man HillCross Exhibition will be included.)

September 9

Bushkill Valley MC Club,
Freemansburg, PA
September 30 White Rose MC Club,
Jefferson (York Co), PA
October 14 Devil’s Staircase,
Oregonia, OH

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