The Motorcycle Artist – Chris Sickels

Chris Sickels does work that moves me.

His tiny, hand-crafted pieces make me recall my childhood and the great illustrations and toys I used to have as a kid. Each one a magnificent artifact, Sickels’ diminutive objets d’art are meticulously crafted from pieces and parts he collects for that purpose. He then builds wonderfully detailed sets, lights them beautifully and photographs the results, and it’s the photographs that he considers the final product.

And what a product he achieves.

Another element of my appreciation for what Chris does in his upstairs studio near Indianapolis, IN, is the fact that he’s a rider, and it was this piece of his marvelous work that got me hooked on what he has to offer:

©Chris Sickels – Cafe Racer

If you’re digging this as much as I do, get in touch with Chris and buy one of his prints. A man’s got to make a living, and the work Sickels does is well worth the money you’d probably just waste on more accessory trash for your Road Glide anyway.

For direct contact with Red Nose Studio please phone 317.313.1252 or email:

And while we’re handing out the kudos and kowtowing to those with special talents, the guys at get some love too. Their video productions are tight as a pair of once-wet leather gloves…

Artist Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio and His Harley Pacer



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