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No, no, no…Video Of A Lunatic Mountain Motorcycle Ride

I’m always blown away by what some people will do on a motorcycle.

Riders will climb the highest mountain, ride across the top of a stadium, make bone-jarring jumps over impossibly long gaps, rip across the desert with nary a soul within a hundred miles of them and take their sport bikes out on the public roads at blinding speeds.

It takes guts and skill and the intestinal fortitude to try something that’s right on the edge of your capabilities. You have to know your machine, and to know your machine is to know your self.

Taking outrageous risks on the back of a two-wheeled machine just seems to be part of the pact you sign when you buy your first bike, and it stays with you until the time you come to the end your last ride. It’s surely about adrenaline and the feeling you get when you’re fully aware that this life we live is finite. There are precious few times you feel that more comprehensively than those you spend on the back of a motorcycle.

From the quest to conquer the Dakar Rally to the rush of track day on the back of your FZR, the need for speed knows no bounds, and with the advent of small digital video cameras, we all share the thrills with anyone willing to take a couple of minutes to watch as the drama unfolds.

So why am I going on about all this? Well, today, it’s because I took the time to watch this awesome little GoPro gem of a rider tearing along a snowy hogsback at the top of what can only be described as a mountain ridge.


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