The Last Journey – Riding On the Bitch Seat Into Eternity

Omps Funeral Home is perfectly willing to rub your nose in the fact that, as you’re now dead, you won’t get to ride your motorcycle to your funeral.

But have no fear, they’ll do it for you…

And they purchased one of 46 ‘Harley Hearses’ (from the Tombstone Hearse and Trike Co) to get you to your final rest in style.

Larry Omps said he decided to buy the hearse after seeing one at a trade show in Chicago a few years ago.

“I said then that I couldn’t see it getting that much interest, but I’ve changed my mind over the years,” Omps said. ” I like to make funerals as personal as I can make them.”

According to Omps, the trikes are custom-built to pull the hearse.

“It starts out as a Road King,” he said, as presumably did the prospective passengers.

One funeral assistant says he turned on the LED lights festooned about the machine one evening and cagers sped up to gawk at him as he drove along.

Did your bike not get enough attention while you were alive? No worries there as the vehicle has  hardwood flooring and glass sides to allow all to see you in your less active state and LED lights tastefully illuminate the casket which will bear you to that Great Bike Night in the Sky during your night funeral.

At $78,000 each, you’ll be a passenger on your last ride on a much, much more expensive bike than you could ever afford while you were alive, so there’s that, at least. Slightly more tricked up versions of the hearses run $80,000 to $100,000.

Jack Feather runs Tombstone Hearse and Trike and he’s the man who builds these conveyances. Feather started the company in 2001.

“We’re finding that 27 percent of the people riding these things for their final journey have never even been on a motorcycle,” Feather said.

And it seems likely those 27 percent never will, as they are, well, sort of riding ‘bitch’ on that last journey.

Feather said his hearses take a couple of months to build.

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