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Awesome V12 Lincoln Motorcycle



If you’re into auctions, and strange but excellent motorcycles, then this might just be the ticket.

Mid America Auctions is offered a 1948 Lincoln Zephyr-driven V12 custom motorcycle, one of two made by Olson’s V8 in Illinois.

Featuring a flathead motor derived from the classic Ford Flathead V8 – only with the addition of four extra cylinders – Dale Olson created this monster bike.

Probably a little problematic in a lot of ways and surely boasting the turning radius of a cruise ship, it’s still cool as an exercise in what a man can do if he has a dream and a lot of time on his hands.

It may not be the most practical motorcycle in the world, but man, that engine would make all the issues seem trivial once you got it out on the road and heard the sound.



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