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A Motorcycle Racing Reality Show – Hot Lap

A motorcycle racing reality show? Okay, count us in.

The launch for a new reality-based game show called HOT LAP launched this week at the North American International Motorcycle Supershow which ran through Jan 6,7,8 2012 in Toronto Canada.

The show format features a team of riders – coached by CSBK champion Jordan Szoke – as they take on local challengers in a fastest lap shoot-out on super-sport bikes.

The upcoming reality TV series will be filming through 2012 at famous race tracks all over North America, and just as a bit of a warning, there could be some ‘PG-13’ sort of content, a little violence and maybe some coarse language. All that makes it sound like ideal fare for the adult motorcycle enthusiast.

If you want to check it out in more detail, you can get the whole skinny here…


Season One Track Schedule

Season Two Track Schedule

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