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Gents, That Motorcycle On Your Trailer Belongs To Me And You're Under Arrest

Stealing a motorcycle is bad.

Stealing a cop’s motorcycle? Never a good idea.

Tuesday morning an officer in Haw River, North Carolina stopped a group of men  towing a trailer packed up with several motorcycles. The men were stopped for not properly strapping down the bikes – and then it got plain stupid.

The men were pulled over because their trailer had no lights and no license plate. While the stop was in progress, an officer from a nearby jurisdiction pulled over to offer assistance and noticed – much to his chagrin – that one of the motorcycles on the trailer happened to be his.

The officer’s motorcycle was supposed to be in the shop. Local deputies called the owner of the shop who told them his business had suffered a break-in and that three motorcycles were missing.

Then it got really, really bad for Cody Becker and his passenger Wallace G. Reed III were immediately fitted with the latest in designer handcuffs as the officers determined that, in addition to the stolen motorcycle cargo, the pair are alleged to have stolen the trailer holding the bikes that same night. A third suspect who was not along for the ill-fated ride, Billy Staley, was rounded up and joined his pals in the lockup later in the day.

Becker, Reed, and Staley are all being charged with Larceny, Larceny of a Motor Vehicle and one charge each of Breaking and Entering, Larceny after Breaking and Entering and Safe Cracking.

Top Five Makes Stolen, 2010    Top Five States for Motorcycle Thefts, 2010

1. Honda 12,260                               1. California 5,662

2. Yamaha 9,853                              2. Texas 4,394

3. Suzuki 8,969                                 3. Florida 4,148

4. Kawasaki 5,470                          4. North Carolina 2,649

5. Unknown make 3,420             5. Indiana 1,925

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