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Loud Horns Save Lives – The Peter Olt Motorcycle Horn Solution

If you’ve been riding motorcycles for any length of time, and if you’re like me and you can only afford older bikes, you know one thing for a certainty; the first thing you discover when you purchase a new (read old but new to you) ride is that the damn horn doesn’t work.

I’m not an electrical engineer so I have no idea why OEM horns on older bikes tend to fail with an alarming (pardon the pun) regularity – they just do.

This guy, however, is an electrical engineer and he says he’s got a solution to the problem.

His name is Peter Olt and he’s been riding bikes for 30 years. He sent me a link to his proposal for a new motorcycle safety system, and it really got me thinking about what would make a motorcycle safer.

The whole “loud pipes save lives” thing is a complete misnomer. By the time someone hears you coming – due to a little piece of physics called the Doppler Effect – loud pipes or not, you’re already toast when a cager pulls out in front of you.

I ride a lot out on country roads in the boondocks of Michigan, and this would sure be nice for those times when I see a whole gang of vicious deer intent on causing mayhem massing by the side of the rural route.

I leave it to you to decide if you need one of these, but I must admit to liking the idea…

Here’s a video The Banshee Horn in Action:

If you like the idea, why not kick in a few bucks to his Kickstarter project and see where the adventure leads you?

If you do the full pledge, Olt says he’ll send you the complete package, which includes:

For the smaller pledge he’ll supply:

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