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Leap of Faith – Snowmobile vs Motorcycle Jump Over San Diego Bay

Robbie Maddison and Levi Lavallee will be making history tonight during Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.

Maddison and Lavallee will attempt to set new world records;  Maddison aims to jump his motorcycle close to 400 feet, and Lavallee will use a snowmobile for his end of the record breaking attempt.

The pair have been training for this bit of madness for months.

According to Maddison:

“Jumping long distances is a passion of mine, and I’m excited to come back for New Year’s Eve and sail over San Diego Harbor. Four-hundred feet is my goal. It’s not all about getting the world record to me, it’s more about understanding this feat and the commitment ahead to achieving what most would consider an impossible jump.”

Check out the final preparations Robbie Maddison and Levi Lavallee are making for tonight’s jump.

You can watch the jump live on ESPN, ESPN HD, and EPSN3.


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