Wow, Riding Motorcycles With Elan and Precision

I know you’ve seen elite motorcycle cops move their machines around like they were bicycles, but this is a whole ‘nother story, my friend.

It’s hard to believe that people spend so much time on their bikes that they develop this kind of perfect balance, throttle and braking control. This rider blitzed the course during the Motor Cycle Gymkhana Games.

A motorcycle gymkhana is a competition during which motorcycles are driven around a twisting course and execute certain specified maneuvers, and the riders are timed against the clock.
gymkhana jim-ˈkä-nə, -ˈka-: a meet featuring sports contests or athletic skills: as a: competitive games on horseback b: a timed contest for automobiles featuring a series of events designed to test driving skill (from

Anyone know who this guy (or gal) is, because I’d sure like to know…

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