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What the Biker In Your Life Wants For Christmas – Awesome Motorcycle Gift Ideas

If you know and love someone who loves motorcycles, don’t get them a tie with a Ducati logo on it or a pair of black and orange Harley-Davidson-inspired wool socks.

Get them something they can use, and the stuff below is just the ticket.

If something like this ends up under the Christmas tree, they look at you through eyes burning with the hot gratitude of one thousand suns.

Trust me on this…

Let’s face it, your motorcycle addicted friends and family like to ride, and chances are, they like to wrench as well. With that in mind, sooner or later, that special someone is going to want to move their motorcycles.This item will give you a leg up on that chore, and it would also make an excellent addition to a shop lift table.

The pivoting bracket moves up to secure the motorcycle in an upright position.

  • Easy for one person to strap-down a motorcycle
    Mounts securely to floor, truck or trailer
    Fits most motorcycle wheels
    Formed steel with carbon steel hardware, thermoplastic end caps
  • Motorcycles with super-wide front tires or custom low-profile front fenders may not fit this wheel chock.
  • Wheel chock dimensions: 24-1/2″ L x 9-3/4″ W x 12-7/8″ H
  • Base plate: 15-5/8″ L x 10-1/2″ W
  • Shipping Weight: 15.90 lbs.

Price: $39.99 at Harbor Freight


To buy bikes, it’s often necessary to move them from here to there for things like routine maintenance and storing them for the winter.

And you never know, you can hardly have too many motorcycles, and this handy-dandy folding trailer will let you bring back all the basket cases you can afford and have room to store.

This folding utility trailer only takes up 24″ x 63″ of floor space when folded, so it can be stored just about anywhere, but unfolded, it can handle heavy loads up to 1195 pounds!

Add plywood decking for a 48″ x 96″ bed. Hitch this heavy-duty folding utility trailer to a vehicle that has a 1-7/8″ ball hitch to transport securely.

  • Steel trailer frame has built-in slots for stake siding (stake sides not included)
  • DOT-certified tail lights and side running lights, safety wiring harness
  • 3-leaf spring suspension
  • Trailer bed tilts all the way to the ground for easy loading
  • 4.8″ wide, 12″ diameter tires
  • Axle thickness: 5mm
  • Overall dimensions: 110″ L x 61-1/2″ W x
  • 19-1/4″ H
  • Shipping Weight: 159.00 lbs.

Price: $299.99 at Harbor Freight

 If you haven’t had the pleasure, it’s a royal pain in the ass to work on a motorcycle while it’s leaned over on a kickstand and not very high off the ground.And try changing a tire like that and you’ll discover the meaning of agony.Now you can work on your bike safely and comfortably with this high position motorcycle lift.Supporting an 1100 lb. load capacity, the motorcycle lift provides a lifting height range from 2.6″ to 30″. The lift also features wheels for easy maneuvering and placement.
  • 1100 lb. weight capacity
  • Lifting range from 2.6″ to 30″
  • Ram travel: 7-3/8″
  • Distance between base legs: 20-3/8″
  • Overall dimensions: 44″ L x 24-3/8″ W x 37-3/4″ H
  • Shipping Weight: 131.00 lbs.


Price: $199.99 at Harbor Freight

 And speaking of basket cases, sooner or later you’re going to be the proud owner of a dusty, greasy barn-find bike.On that fine day, you’ll be glad you tucked this Cruz Tools motorcycle tool kit behind the seat of your truck.You never know, you might get lucky and ride it home while your buddy drives the truck looking forlorn and plotting a way to get you to let him ride it when you get back to the garage…Price: $79.95 at Sears

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