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Really Fast Motorcycle Racing In Really Slow Motion

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Casey Stoner during his stellar motorcycle racing career.

Stoner began racing bikes from a young age and moved to the UK to give his career a forward shove, and after getting his first taste of international competition in 2002, Stoner took home the MotoGP World Championship title in 2007 for Ducati Corse – and then followed up with a dominant season to take his second world championship title in 2011 riding for Repsol Honda.

Stoner has said in the past that he’d prefer a life outside the limelight in favor of letting his riding do the talking.

In a recent interview with Australian Motorcycle News, said, given his choice, he’d head back to quieter times and racing in the 500cc class.

“Back in those days, it was just racing – Doohan, Rainey, Schwantz, Gardner, Lawson – not half as much bullshit as now,” Stoner said. “That was the life.”

So how does he do it?

If you watch closely as a MotoGP race is run in real time – and you’re a keen observer – you’ll note a wide variety of riding styles and lines the riders choose. Lots of body-english, and the races happen at such lightning speeds that’s it’s nearly impossible to apprehend everything that’s going on.

What happens if you slow all the action down by about 50 times?

You get this, The Art of Speed.

Red Bull  took their cameras out to do these Red Bull Moments, and as part of the shoots, they captured Casey Stoner at 1,000 fps slow-motion during the  Catalan GP, and it’s astonishing to see what’s really going on as the MotoGP rider tears up the track.

Casey Stoner’s MotoGP Career Results

Season Class Bike Team Race Win Pod Pole FLap Pts Plcd WCh
2001 125cc Honda RS125R 2 0 0 0 0 4 29th
2002 250cc Aprilia RS250 Team LCR 15 0 0 0 0 68 12th
2003 125cc Aprilia RS125 Team LCR 14 1 4 1 2 125 8th
2004 125cc KTM 125 FPR Red Bull KTM 14 1 6 1 1 145 5th
2005 250cc Aprilia RSA 250 Team LCR 16 5 10 2 1 254 2nd
2006 MotoGP Honda RC211V Team LCR 16 0 1 1 0 119 8th
2007 MotoGP Ducati GP7 Ducati Corse 18 10 14 5 6 367 1st 1
2008 MotoGP Ducati GP8 Ducati Corse 18 6 11 9 9 280 2nd
2009 MotoGP Ducati GP9 Ducati Corse 13 4 8 3 2 220 4th
2010 MotoGP Ducati GP10 Ducati Corse 18 3 9 4 3 225 4th
2011 MotoGP Honda RC212V Repsol Honda 17 10 16 12 7 350 1st 1
Total 161 40 79 38 31 2157 2

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