Made From Historical Perfection – A Brand New Brough Superior

The Brough Superior may well be the most perfect expression of the motorcycle in history.

Without question, if you’re willing to ignore the impact of the Vincent Black Shadow, Brough is the most legendary name in the history of motorcycle manufacturing. These hand-wrought British machines were referred to as “The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles,” and their sublime craftsmanship and premium pricing helped them live up to the name. Aside from being beautifully crafted, Brough Superiors actually performed. Bikes from the legendary stable won races and set speed records which were the envy of their peers.

The really awesome thing about the marque is that, despite the many years since the first production models rolled off the line, they’re back in production. These entirely bespoke motorcycles harken back to their 1930’s antecedents, but modern improvements make them a hugely desirable – and ride-able – object of motorcycling desire .

If you want one, and you know you do, you must be a particularly well-heeled sort with no shortage of American Cash Money. How much? Well, you’ll need at least a tightly-packed suitcase full of hundreds as this model, available on a first serve basis confirmed by a 50% deposit, will set you back a cool quarter-million. That’s right, sport, one of these will cost you $250,000 and if you have the means and actually purchase one, please have the common decency to invite me by your garage and allow me the pleasure of taking it for a ride around the county. I’ll be happy to sign any release you deem necessary and insure myself properly.

Getting your hands on your bike, once the six month build period is over, requires a client consultation prior to the start of the build. And by the way, your bike will be made entirely in the United Kingdom and Austria by Brough Superior Motor Cycles Ltd.

Insuring your collectible or vintage motorcycle

As for insurance for your collectible motorcycle? You should be able to get Agreed Value coverage on a classic 1959 BSA Gold Star Catalina valued at $15,000 for somewhere around $25 a month, and that gives you the whole shooting match of coverage.

You can spend a lot less, but if you plan to ride the bikes in your collection, the above pricing is a reasonable approximation of what you can expect to pay.

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