I Only Do This When My Bike Craps Out By the Side of the Road

Nothing worse than having your bike take a dump by the side of the road. You’re left hanging in a way you just aren’t if you’re driving a car. No sitting in heated – or at least weatherproof – comfort while you wait to be rescued.

And there have been a few times when I’ve done just what this guy is doing, but for completely different reasons.

This demonstration of an interesting conceptual motorcycle technology involves kicking the bike…but with a slightly different outcome:

Clyde Igarashi, CEO of Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC, says his bike’s gyro technology is the future of the motorcycle building game. Taking electric motor technology and a unique system to prevent the bike from being unstable, Igarishi might be on to something here.

“The gyro system improves handling and creates a specific field of gravity within the vehicle,” Igarishi said.”We used the ZEV7100 internal hub motor. Our system is being tested on this rear-steered prototype to demonstrate that even such a challenging configuration can be made viable with gyro-technology. Future prototypes will focus on more conventional steering.”

Igarishi’s vision for the technology has some enviable goals.

“Technological improvements in Gyro stabilization will enable safer, more efficient transportation,” he said. “Enclosed narrow track vehicles can be stable and have the ability to recycle braking energy through the use of a gyro/flywheel kinetic energy recovery system.”

As the top speed of this baby is somewhere around 70mph, it meets one of my major requirements of a motorcycle – it’s reasonably fast. The Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC gyro creation is powered by a motor from Z Electric, a Pennsylvania based company which claims to make the world’s fastest electric production scooter. Z Electric says their scooters are capable of speeds as high as 80 mph, and their ZEV7100 scooter uses Thundersky Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to power a 7100W brushless hub motor.

Designed as a practical commuter vehicle that can complete a 50 mile trip, the ZEV7100 is a real performance machine according to all the reviews.

Not sure how it will work out for the guys at Z Electric and Thrustcycle Enterprises, but I’m always heartened to see that people have the stones to try something different in pursuit of The Perfect Motorcycle…

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