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What Motorcycle Should Santa Ride?

A somewhat whimsical survey by Swinton, the leading motorcycle insurance brokerage in the UK, indicated that if Santa ran into problems with his eight tiny reindeer and mounted up on a motorcycle, he’d saddle up on a classic Harley Davidson.

Or to be more precise, a Holly Davidson.

Slightly more than 60 per cent of those surveyed said St Nick, old school guy he is,  would opt for a Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

Santa’s second choice? Old school once again, but hailing from the far east: a Honda CB500.

The majority of respondents said The Man would be best served by a classic, vintage style motorcycle and just wouldn’t look right on the back of a superbike. I’m not so sure Santa wouldn’t dig a brand new Ducati Panigale. He’s got a lot of miles to cover and only one night to make his ride, but the survey disagrees with my assessment on that score.

About one third of those responding to the survey thought Santa should consider an environmentally-friendly machine like the ENV (Emission Neutral Vehicle) bike. The hydrogen-powered ENV does have the advantage of doing little damage to the ozone layer.

About one in ten survey respondents went for the practical, and they said Santa’s needs would force him to strap on a side car for passengers and a trailer to carry Christmas gifts, and that’s not such a bad idea. The idea of Santa on a trike or a Ural with a sidecar does make me cringe a little, but The Man would probably work with it…

The top bikes Santa should ride, in order, are:

“It’s funny to think of Santa on a motorbike, but clearly it’s something that our customers have thought about,” said Anthony Aronin of Swinton. “We’d hope that Santa made sure his tires were fit for the snowy conditions associated with the festive period and that he had the correct motorcycle insurance, particularly if he plans on taking a side car with him on his travels.”

Custom motorcycles require the correct insurance coverage package to protect what is, after all, a significant investment on your part .

We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance for your custom bike…

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