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Deeply Confused And Partially Nekkid On a Motorcycle – Scout Willis

I don’t claim to be an art critic, but there are some things better left to one’s diary or personal journal, and this might well be one of them.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Scout Willis, participated in this little bit of introspection and exhibitionism for which turned out, well, somewhat muddled.

It’s some pretty racy stuff, this:

Shedding yet more skin when I found the leather clad dream lover warrior man from my most vivid visions, with his hot steel steed I had no whims to resist and so clambered astride just like my mother always told me not to. We slept on beaches and cliff fronts, and huddled ‘neath Navajo blankets, pale limbs scratched by Apache wool and beard alike. It’s senseless really. This naked teenage lust wanders lust. We watched everything disappear as we fled to the deserts where the city lights never stray and even the cactus are at peace, where sphinxes and stone cold foxes alike reside, we feasted on avocados, drank Mexican beer and lemongrass tea.

There’s precious little space between what is erotic and what’s just romance novel stuff, and I leave it to you to decide which side of the line in the sand this falls on, but I know one thing for a certainty: your friends are supposed to have your back – and offer you sensible council – when you head out a little over the edge.

Seems like Scout went off all Jack Kerou-wacky on us.

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