The Kind of Drift I Can Stomach – Motorcycle Drifting and the History of Motorcycle Stunt Riding

Jorian Ponomareff is a name you’re sure to get to know if you dig motorcycle stunt riding.

The fabulous Frenchman and his sublime drifting skills have made him a sensation on the Internets and at bike shows around the world.

Ponomareff started his quest to master the motorcycle at 14 years old after getting his first bike, and since that time, he’s become one of the premier stunt drivers in the world.

Jorian “Mr. Untouchable” Ponomareff

Birthdate – 19 May 1987
Birthplace – Montpellier, France
Current Residence – Montpellier, France
Started Riding – 15 years
Current rides – 2005 Kawasaki zx6r

The modern stunt riding craze began back when Doug Domokos , “The Wheelie King” — made his famous run which resulted in the world record for the longest wheelie after his 145 mph run at Talladega Speedway back in 1984. Domokos was famous for, among other incredible stunts,  his performance in the movie Cannonball Run.
Before Domokos (B.D.), British stunt riders the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team, also known as “The White Helmets,” thrilled crowds with their daring high-speed feats of motorcycle control. The British military team began performing during the 1920s and became known as The White Helmets in 1963

The group’s four most famous members Basil Shelbourne, Ted Way, Jet Jones and Neil Hack, rode Matchless bikes and BSA Gold Stars at speeds of up to 60 mph and their repertoire included tunnel-of-fire jumps – which they accomplished in dapper fashion as they rode without leathers in shirts, ties, jaunty jodhpurs and stylish riding boots.

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