What Kind of Nutsack Rides A Motorcycle In the Winter

This guy, that’s who…and it looks pretty awesome.

I’m seriously considering heading out for a short ride today, but as the temperature here in Michigan is currently a tepid 35 degrees, I’ll miss qualifying for the club by a few degrees.

C’est la vie, at least I’ll be riding.

If you’re the kind of maniac who’s into this kind of masochism, then check out the club at the Polar Bear Challenge and post your own entry…


riding a motorcycle in the snow

Riding a motorcycle in the snow isn't for the faint of heart

If you’re seriously considering this, you have to play by the rules, so here they are:


Polar Bear Challenge Dates: The Challenge will run from December 1, 2011 to February 15, 2012.

Entries: Entrants must be members in good standing of Polarbearchallenge.ning.com

If you have not done so, change the name of your channel here to match your YouTube channel to avoid any confusion. Upper right of this page you will see “settings” click that and then under “Full Name” type in the name of your YouTube channel.

All videos for entry must be posted on your page here via link or embed from YouTube. The time from the YouTube date stamp will be official. (If you are having a problem doing the embed or link contact an admin here to show you how.)

Qualifying Vehicles: The ride must be made on a two or three wheel motorcycle or scooter/moped 49cc or larger.

Qualifying Temperature: Official rides must be made at a temperature outdoors of 32 degrees Fahrenheit /0 degrees Celcius or lower.  The temperature must be shown at the beginning  of the ride by ambient thermometer (either alcohol/mercury) or digital.  IR (laser) thermometer readings are not accurate for air temperature measurements and will not be accepted for entries.   Temperature of digital thermometers will be rounded using math rounding. (Example 32.4 will be considered 32 and 32.5 will be considered 33.)

Qualifying Ride Duration: The ride part of the video will last a total of three minutes or longer. Intros and end credits don’t count as part of the three minutes. The administration reserves the right to limit video entries to first, 7 minutes, and then if necessary, 5 minutes at its sole discretion. This rule will only be put into effect if watching all the videos becomes too much for one volunteer judge to reasonably complete. It is requested that each entrant make reasonable effort to keep the entries to below the 7 minute mark.

For the miles category, Starting and ending odometer readings must be shown and spoken.

Enter the motorcycle Polar Bear Challenge here…

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