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Selling Sweaters With Motorcycles

There’s no doubt that motorcycles are, at least for the great mass of people, a sort of guilty, vicarious pleasure. And with that in mind, advertisers are seeing the light when it comes to packaging the biker lifestyle.

The biker stereotype as it exists today was etched into the public consciousness nearly 60 years ago when Life Magazine ran an article which pimped a relatively minor incident at an American Motorcycle Association event in Hollister, California. As a direct result of Hollister, you had the pleasure of Marlon Brando almost single-handedly creating the “biker image” during his turn as the star of the “Wild One.”

Everyone agrees that the wildest of the biker lot are a small percentage of motorcyclists overall, and the “One Percenter” type may well be a dying breed as governments around the world take their shots at neutering the last remaining outlaws. Let’s face it, they’re easy targets and it may well be that their time is over. Bikers themselves perpetuate the myth of the “bad biker“. Clamping on loud pipes, dressing like the stereotypical riders we all know and love and generally pretending to be more “outlaw” than they could possibly be.

But the Japanese led the charge during the 60’s for a public relations makeover, and Honda’s slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” packaged up a clean cut All-American image in the name of marketing and a monster was thus born.

Everywhere you look these days some Madison Avenue types are trying to package up the “biker way” and get their products along on a piggyback ride to sell more units.

This may be just a fashion video, but anything related to motorcycles that gives the uninitiated an idea of what a truly compelling thing it is to ride a bike is a good thing.

So watch this. But you don’t have to buy the sweater…



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